LASIK or SMILE, Which is Better?

For some people, having a little trouble with near or farsightedness can be easy to live with. Sure, they might have to wear glasses while reading or driving sometimes but for the most part, it’s not too much to handle and they can see reasonably fine without their specs as well. Besides, glasses can add facial symmetry and therefore make you look pretty good too. However, if your eyesight has degenerated to a point where you’re effectively unable to see what’s ahead of you without your glasses, you might consider eyesight corrective surgery.

Laser eye surgery is very promising in correcting your vision for the rest of your life. Most eye specialists recommend that you get the surgery done after the age of 25 because that’s when your eyesight has stopped getting worse. Your eyesight is ruined because of the cornea being unable to focus and project what you’re seeing onto your retina. Both LASIK and SMILE eye surgeries are methods of correcting the thickness of the cornea so that it can focus better.

LASIK eye surgery involves using two lasers to cut and fold the tissue of your cornea, thickening it to a point where you’re able to see better. This procedure is being widely regarded as more prone to complications since there are two lasers involved and the flap creation can be a permanent impairment as well. SMILE laser eye surgery is a procedure that uses a single laser that extracts extra tissue from the cornea through a small incision. You can read more about the pros and cons of both in comparison over at

In the end, your doctor will be the judge of what method your eyes need for vision correction. But it’s good to know what happens with either. If you’re unsure, a second opinion can always be useful.

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