5 Unique Necklaces Every Teenage Girl Must Have

Jewellery – or should I say a fashion statement worn by every girl or women. This statement could be about anything and everything. Every individual girl can wear the same jewellery in a different way and look fabulous while doing it. It is up to the girl to see what suits her best.

No matter what else a girl may or may not possess, almost all teenagers are in possession of a necklace that means something to them. Whether it be sentimental or just something they treasure. Muru Jewellery is one of the few places which provides these women with the necklaces they require.

  • Feather necklaces: A feather necklace is light and projects positivity. It gives the wearer a happy feeling as the feather represents the feeling of freedom and uniqueness.
  • Mini crescent moon necklace: Teenage girls are often attracted to the symbols of the sun and moon. More so towards the moon as it symbolises mystery and what girl doesn’t like a bit of intrigue. The mini-moon gives the wearer a sultry yet mystic feel.
  • Aphrodite coin necklace: Aphrodite, the goddess of Love, is the epitome of fantasy for every love-sick teenaged girl. Aphrodite represents fashion, friendship and love all in in one go. Who wouldn’t want this necklace to be hers?
  • Purity mandala charm necklace: This necklace is for all those who are going through something in their young lives. It reminds its wearer about the balance of life. It reminds them of the things that will come to pass and what has already gone. It will give them the strength to move on.
  • Karma circle necklace: This necklace reminds its wearer about the one facet of life every individual is concerned with; Karma. What goes around, comes around. This necklace is a reminder of this wondrous statement.
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